Echo Prayer is now available!

If you haven’t seen it on Facebook or Twitter, the iPhone app that Jim and I have been working on is now officially available in the app store!

It’s called Echo, and it’s a free tool to help you organize your prayer life and pray more effectively.

You can download it or read more about it on Echo’s new website. And you can read more about the story behind it on our earlier post.

Thank you to everyone who has already been sharing it. Please continue to tell anyone you know who might benefit from it!

  • Andrea

    This is awesome!! Got the app yesterday! Thank you for your work on this! I’m spreading the word!

  • paul

    you should have been working more on the new website instead of building new apps… your sites are so out of date and you have been promising new designs for several years now… i guess we know now why clover sites isn’t done… thanks

  • Joe

    can’t wait for the android app

  • Ben

    Hey Paul – We’ve been expecting this comment for a while. Like I’ve said in the past, I won’t make any excuses for the fact that Clover Sites 3 is coming out later than any of us want it to. But I will say that Echo has not delayed it. Our entire dev team (which is now double the size it was at the start of the project) has been working incredibly hard for the past year, and none of them spent time on Echo because Jim and I worked with an outside agency to produce it. And we firmly believe in the cause of helping thousands of Christians pray more passionately and effectively.

  • Ben

    Joe – yes, and you’re not alone :-)

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