Clover Sites 3: Launch Plans

When we posted the Q & A a couple weeks ago, some of you mentioned that it would be nice to know exactly what Clover Sites 3 will be launching with, and what will be released after the initial launch.

We’ll do a more comprehensive roadmap later, but for now, here’s an answer so you can make plans for your site:

Features Clover Sites 3 will be launching with:

– New site designs (our goal is 10 new designs)
– Multiple sections on each page (this is huge! we’ll post more about it soon)
– Ability to change fonts
– Much more control over colors
– Mobile responsive designs (changing size for iPhone, iPad, etc – you can read more about this here)
– Easy vs Advanced editing (like with Clover Donations)
– Multiple users for the Greenhouse (with simplified permissions)
– A much more sophisticated text editor
– Ability to embed custom HTML
– Brand new media player with HD video
– New slideshow/gallery section

– List page (like the current one with list/grid options)
– Donations page (like the current one)

Features that will be added after launch:

– More site designs
– Calendar
– Forms
– Password protected pages
– Hidden pages (we may be able to get this in for launch)
– Archived pages that can be reused later
– More control over permissions for multiple Greenhouse users
– Ability to embed buttons inside text
– Ability to replace any photo area with a video, map or any custom embedded HTML
– Control over your CSS (we’re hoping to have this for launch, but we can’t promise it)

In addition to just the raw list of features, we’re planning on making constant little improvements and additions as we go along. For example, one high priority thing on the list is to add additional layouts for our new gallery section. Another is to offer more integration between Clover Sites and Clover Donations.

Watch for more upcoming posts with details on some of the new features. We’ll be posting more info as often as we can!

  • Ben

    Nathan – well, actually, no reduced rate. Because the upgrade is free if a you have a clover site!

  • Ben

    Pastor Gary – Yeah, we understand and feel exactly the same way. Calendars are crucial. But even with all the work we’ve put in (and with our growing development team), we just won’t have the time to make a great calendar feature for the initial launch. In the meantime, things like Google Calendar should work well, or you can wait to upgrade to CS3 until we do add the calendar.

  • Ben

    Dave – yes. In face, you’ll have to… All the sites will be new. We’re doing our best to design some sites that have a similar look and feel to our existing ones, but the web has changed so much in the last few years, and we’re designing a lot of things that are new. We’re pretty confident you’ll like the new designs…

  • Ronni

    Are the spanish mirror sites in Clover

  • Ben

    Hey Ronnie – I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but yes, you can make Spanish websites with Clover. There isn’t a feature to mirror English content and make other language versions of it for each page, though. So you would need to create one website in English and one in Spanish.

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