Clover Sites 3: Internal Alpha

Our team reviewing the progress on Clover Sites 3

Yesterday, we started rolling out an “Alpha” version of Clover Sites 3 to our internal team here at Clover!

Last Friday afternoon the whole team saw the weekly demo at our office, where we walk through core features and the latest developments. Our awesome dev team also surprised us with a couple of feature additions to Clover Sites 3 we can’t wait to tell you about.

We’ve never done an internal alpha launch quite like this, so it’s pretty cool to see the countless ways this new approach is already helping us to prepare for the final release later this year. Now of course, not everything in the Alpha right now looks pretty and there are still some missing pieces and a bunch of work to be done, but that’s to be expected.

Here’s a few of the biggest wins so far of this approach:

1. We can get a much better understanding of how it feels to use the product so we can make any necessary adjustments to the overall experience much earlier in the process. This should really help us avoid any major delays before we release, and it also gives us a lot more time to extensively test every detail, identify any bugs or fixes we’ll need to address, and just overall make things look and feel more awesome.

2. We can start creating support resources earlier that will help you use Clover Sites 3 like a pro from day 1, and our amazing Customer Relations team will be even better equipped to help you right off the bat. (We’ll tell you more about all the improvements we’re making with our Customer Relations team in a future post)

3. We can start to use and update the product just like we would once we release, testing how we handle servers, bug testing, releasing new features and fixes, communicating to you about the changes, and of course creating and editing sites.

As we continue to work towards the release later this year — creating, building, and testing through the Alpha version this Summer — we’ll continue to give you updates each week. We might even give you a sneak peek of a website built with the brand new Greenhouse as we move closer to the release.

So keep your eyes open for that, and let us know if you have any questions or thoughts. Just leave us a comment – we’d love to hear from you!

  • Caio

    Let me know when you get to the translation part so we can have those Portuguese menus ready for launch, if that’s possible 😉

  •,, Chip Maier

    Thanks for the updates! Need beta testers? 😉

  • Ben

    Hey Chip – we’re not sure exactly what we’re going to do for the beta yet, but we’re keeping a list of everyone who asks. You’re now on the list!

  • Kevin Downey

    I’d be happy to beta for you as well. I’m eager to get my hands on Clover Sites 3.

  • Philip

    You can add me to the “possible” beta test list!

  • Eric

    @Caio – We might not get to the translation aspects for launch, but it will be much more possible for those who visit your website, to translate your content into their native language. Hope that helps!

  • Larry

    We’ll volunteer to be beta testers also.

  • Ben

    Beta test list, please!

  • Dawn

    Looking forward to great things to come. Would love a chance to play with the new options so I could better advise my church on what we need to change on our current site. Keep plugging away at it and we will cheer you on! Go Clover team!!

  • Ben

    Ben and Larry – got you on the list.

  • Bill

    I also am interested in the beta- thanks!

  • James Casson

    I’ve been speaking with Travis about purchasing a Cloversite Web design for our brand new nonprofit. Not done yet; hopefully in the next several days.

    NOTE: Can I be placed on the beta testing list? Also, in the event we “jump in” BEFORE the launch of CS3 will we be able to convert our site so it will be a CS3 site at no additional cost? And, similarly, could we do a “re-design” if we desired to, in order to use a different template once the CS3 launches?

  • Eric

    Hey James! We can definitely put you on the beta testing list. Also, if you jump in before the launch, you’ll get the full update to CS3 for free, and, since all the site designs will be new, you can also choose a different site design for free once it launches. Hope that helps!

  • Nate

    Please add me to the beta test list as well!

  • Jackie Watts

    Would like to beta test as well. Still have some room & when do you see CS3 rolling out?

  • Eric

    Hey Jackie! We’ll definitely keep you in mind for the beta. We actually posted an update on CS3 this morning. Check it out when you get a chance:

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