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Clover Sites: Forms on mobile

Hey everyone,

As we mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been hard at work on many things here at Clover. And not just Clover Sites 3, which is of course, our main focus.

We’ve also been working on some updates to the current version of Clover Sites, and today, we’re particularly excited to announce mobile forms for all Clover Sites customers! Many of you have been asking about this, and we’re stoked to finally bring it to you. Now all those awesome forms you create will work perfectly across iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices and tablets.


As always, we’re bringing this update to you for free. And as usual, this upgrade is completely seamless – you don’t have to do a thing to take advantage of the upgraded forms. As of today, all your current forms have been upgraded to look and work great everywhere, and any forms you make in the future will automatically work seamlessly on any device without any extra effort on your part. And of course, all your customization for colors, settings, field options, and even form reporting all just work as well.

We hope you enjoy this update!

  • http://neoretreatcenter.org Brian

    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Oh yeah, and all of the wonderful folks at Clover that He works through :) I really appreciate this feature and all of the hard work to make it happen – you guys are great!

  • http://apexcommunity.org molly bellanco

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You just made our media team VERY VERY HAPPY!!!!!!

  • Andy

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was considering switching to WordPress, but now, we can totally wait for Cloversites 3!

  • http://www.destinymi.com Anthony

    Thank You! We are so excited and grateful to the entire Clover Team for all you do to make our experience such a great one! Our media department thanks you! :)

  • http://tracecrossing.org Michelle

    I saw the banner for this email and got up and did a dance all the way to my pastor’s office to tell him. Our whole staff is so excited! Our folks will be, too. So excited. Thanks for all y’all do to make our websites so easily accessible! YAY!

  • http://www.familyofgodcc.com David Farwell

    SWEET! What a great update! This means huge things for KidMin and AWANA at our church!

  • http://deisssales.com Jimmy Deiss

    This is very helpful for my business. It’s truly a pleasure working with people like you!

  • Ty

    This is such great news! Have been waiting to launch forms! Now we get to use our tablets at our information center!

  • Lorien

    YAY!!!!! so grateful. ¡¡¡muchas gracias!!!!

  • http://www.floridataxcollectors.com Hon. John Drew

    I am elated that you have taken the initiative to advance the mobile forms. Thank you.
    Now, let’s take it one more step and allow access to password protected pages from a mobile device!

  • http://Touchfamily.com Mandy Mason

    Thanks for making the docs mobile! Now our only issue is that pages that are password protected, which is where we keep our forms, won’t work on mobile. Any solution to this?

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @John @Mandy – You’re welcome! And stay tuned on that… ;)

  • Dan

    That’s awesome! Thank you!

  • http://www.theacademyok.org Craig

    Great news. Thanks.

    Quick question: Will Clover Sites 3 support WordPress blogging internally? Would love to be able to run our blogs from within Clover.

  • http://www.ctw1712.com Luis Vega

    Our prayer team will be very excited about this. We use the forms a lot, and this makes things so much better. Thanks Clover team. Keep up the great work!!!

  • http://andybarlowblog.com Andy Barlow


  • Shawn


  • http://www.fabchurch.com Dawn

    I will be even more excited when we can enter passwords for protected pages on mobile devices! :) Any time soon?

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Dawn Stay tuned on that… :)

  • Cal

    Thank you, am so grateful!

  • http://campindiancreek.com Jordan

    Absolute best news! This is how we get feedback from our campers and parents after a week of camp…being able to do it in the car on the way home gives us a much higher percentage of them completing the forms! Just awesome!

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hi Craig, this isn’t something we’re planning on currently, as we still feel like other platforms do a great job of providing this service. Hope that helps!

  • Eli


  • http://www.cherokeechurch.com Andrew

    Will CloverSites 3 enable forms with payment options? If we are using Clover Donations or another compatible merchant, will forms function for event registrations? Thanks!

  • http://wefc.org Dwight

    Thank you for quietly continuing to develop the tools that are needed as the technolgy evolves. This attitude makes it easy to recommend Clover Sites to others.

  • http://grovelevel.org Chris

    This is GREAT!
    Thank you so much for all you do.
    God Bless.

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Andrew – we’re considering some additional functionality for forms with Clover Sites 3 and will definitely share additional details later on down that road. Thanks!

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Dwight – Thank you!

  • http://www.srcf.org Brad

    Is the reality that development energy is being spent on furthering the current platform an indication that we can expect ‘3’ to be a very distant reality? These are great improvements, but I’m confused as to why work is continuing on the old platform? Are you going to continue to offer 2? Also, ANY update on 3? Is this a late 2014 deal?

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hey Brad, we just felt it was high time to get some of these updates in place for the mobile experience so as we continue to push towards the release of Clover Sites 3, the current mobile experience is the best it can be. Also, we are planning to still offer current Clover Sites for the foreseeable future even after the launch of CS3, so we are continuing to support the current version. Finally, we don’t have a final date yet on releasing, but there is a quick update posted today about CS3 if you want to check it out: http://www.speakingofclover.com/2014/01/happy-2014/