What We’re Creating & Where We’re Headed

We know everyone’s been anxious to hear what’s happening with Clover Sites 3, so we wanted to take a moment to step back and give you all an update on where we’re at, and most importantly, where we’re going.

First of all, where we are now.

We’re currently neck deep in code, to put it mildly, building the structural elements that hold everything together. We told you Clover Sites 3 was going to be a complete overhaul, and we weren’t kidding. All the behind the scenes planning, architecture, resources, and logic that makes Clover Sites such an amazing product to use is all being pushed forward, constructed, tested, and evaluated piece by piece.


While we’re still a ways out from launch, we’re really excited about our progress so far. We’ve locked in countless elements of the design and user experience already, and now that development is well underway, we couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. Throughout the planning and preparation for Clover Sites 3, we’ve been very strategic with the way we’ve approached this. We didn’t want to do a 1-1 translation of Clover Sites from the current structure of flash and html, and convert or somehow port that existing code to another technology or codebase just to get it out faster.

Instead, we’ve continued to re-imagine the way Clover Sites will be created and experienced. We’re examining everything we build from the very foundational layers we’ve constructed all the way through every individual piece of design and line of code. This includes all of the beautiful, intuitive elements and simple, powerful interactions that are such a huge part of the Clover experience on the front-end of your website – and just as importantly – in the Greenhouse.

We’re creating even more powerful tools and a much more robust platform we can build on quickly (yes, quickly!) after our initial launch, allowing us to continue adding new features, applications, and resources for you in ways that are smarter, more creative, and more helpful than ever before. The best part about all of this is that we’ve been able to keep intact and even improve upon the most important element – the incredibly easy experience you’ve come to know and love. What this means is that Clover Sites 3 will feel absolutely familiar, yet at the same time, be something completely new to enjoy.

Bloom 1

We truly believe the new version of Clover Sites will help you grow your web presence in so many ways you may not even have thought of yet, helping you not just expand the native capabilities of what your website offers, but also providing easier integration with other tools and services. It’s an exciting new approach we’re taking with all of this, and it’s already shown a tremendous amount of value internally. We are building faster and smarter, and have the freedom to be more creative in our solutions, which ultimately means an even better product for you.

Now, a little bit about where we’re headed.

It’s no secret that these things take time. It’s also no secret that we don’t really believe in releasing timelines. We’d rather focus our efforts and energy on creating the best possible product and release it just as soon as it’s ready. That being said, we know it’s been a while since our last post and we also know some of you are holding on hope that there is an imminent release in the works.

So, in light of that, we wanted to be very clear so you know what to expect from Clover as we continue moving forward, especially for those of you who truly need to know the release date so you can make an informed decision about your web presence.

At this time, we can say with confidence that the first version of Clover Sites 3 won’t be released in 2013. We realize that may not be what some of you wanted to hear, but hopefully this knowledge helps those of you who have expressed a need to better plan for your churches, businesses, and organizations. And as always, between now and the release, we’ll continue to do our very best to give you updates on our status with Clover Sites 3, as well as answer any questions we can along the way.

Text Editor

Finally, while we are putting a ton of effort into Clover Sites 3, we do have quite a few other projects planned for the future as well. Ever since midway through development on Clover Donations, we’ve been working on multiple projects at once, and we can’t wait to show you more of what we’ve been working on in the near future.

We’re also continuing to actively maintain the current version of Clover Sites and we have some updates planned for the current mobile version this year as well. In addition, we’re refreshing some other things around here, including great new help resources that will allow us to provide even more amazing support from our customer service team across all our products and services.

We’re incredibly excited about what we’re creating for you and where we’re going. As always, thanks for being the best part of Clover and for coming along for the ride.

Eric Hoekendorf
Director of Product & Operations

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Kurt – great to hear! There will be ways to have multiple types of content on a single page. (e.g. a form on a list page, etc.) Hope that helps!

  • JohnYouell

    @Eric – I don’t mean any disrespect by my comments. Just as someone who has been looking forward to jumping on CS3 I guess it is difficult to wonder what is taking so long. I am going with cloversites simply because I know one thing from my research online over the past year…when CS3 is launched, your HTML5 sites will be the sharpest, most stylish on the web. I apologize to you if I offended you. Not my intent at all. Thanks for doing such a great job. I know you are are as ready as anyone to get it out the door but I am thankful that you are determined to get it as right as possible.

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Thanks John – no worries! we understand it’s difficult to wait and I appreciate your honesty in communicating how you feel and what you’re looking for. Thanks again for your comments :)

  • http://stjohnspeterborough.ca Brian Harvey

    Do you have a projected feature set you can release? I am particularly interested in the ability to utilize the full set of HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities. Right now I find the inability to format and include objects where I want them to be a bit frustrating.

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hey Brian, take a look at this post where we detail out a feature list. Hope that helps!

  • http://www.northcitychurch.com Tonia

    This update was posted 3 months ago (to the day actually! :-) ). Do you have any additional updates for the new CS3, or any enhancements we can expect to see to our current websites? We like our website, but are definitely looking forward to greater functionality!

    A couple of things that I have run across that would have made my work a bit easier…

    1. The ability to hide a page without having to delete it. For example, VBS is a once a year ministry, so we only have that page up for about 3 months. We built a form this year for online registration, and I hated having to delete it knowing that I would have to re-do it again next year.

    2. The ability to have more than 8 main pages.

    3. Actual Event Registration where we can specify # of tickets available, and the system tracks it and cuts off registration when it is full. Kind of like Event Brite. Also, PayPal or other payment provider integration into the forms for event registrations.

    4. Individual registration for the members page instead of one password for everyone.

    5. A service like Share Faith has which offers templates for graphics, bulletin covers, fliers, PowerPoint presentations, etc would be amazing!

    Thanks for all of your hard work! I look forward to the next update from your team! Blessings!!

  • Pat Verfurth

    You guys have the right to do whatever you think is right for your business. Thank you for communicating with us. I am confident the final product will be worth the wait. I wish more people leaving posts could be more gracious and patient. :)

  • http://www.wpcoc.com Kris Davis

    Currenty, you have one account (i.e., superuser) to edit one’s website. I have had multiple requests to allow editing of specific web pages (i.e., youth page) on our site…but I don’t want to give them superuser privileges. Do you have any plans to change this? Thanks for all you do.

  • http://www.edrelevant.com Jennifer

    Will the Clover3 have an upgrade cost?

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Kris – Yep! with Clover Sites 3 you’ll be able to create multiple users / levels of access – similar to the way it works with Clover Donations. Hope that helps!

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hi Jennifer, Clover Sites 3 will be a free upgrade to all our current customers at the time it is released. Thanks for the question!

  • http://Journeycs.org Zach

    We are thinking of changing our websites current look. I know there is a charge to do this and I wondered how that would work with Clover sites 3? Should we wait for Clover sites 3 to update?

  • Darryl

    Hey Eric! In looking at the screen shot at the beginning of this thread (link below) and wondering if it will fill the whole computer screen with CS3 rather than the current CS where a lot of the screen is background color with the main content in the middle. Not sure if that makes sense! Thanks everyone at Clover for all your hard work!

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hi Zach, you don’t have to wait til Clover Sites 3 to update your design. Once that is released you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade for free so you won’t be charged twice. Hope that helps! If you have any other questions feel free to give us a call: (805) 527-8900

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hey Darryl! Yes, CS3 will have new designs that take full advantage of the full browser window no matter what size :) Thanks!

  • http://commongroundarizona.com Brice

    2014… Q1, Q2, Q3? Time to refresh our site!

  • http://www.calvarymonroe.com Rob

    Hi guys,
    I tried to see if this question was already asked but didn’t see it. Is Clover 3 planning on having a blogging system bundled with it?

    Thanks for your time.

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hi Rob,

    We’re actually not planning on creating a blogging platform with Clover Sites 3. Thanks for your question!

  • Dave

    Haven’t heard any new news on CS3…I’m fine with not having a deadline, but wondering if you all could create some side by side comparison document that lists all of the new features that CS3 will offer compared to the old site. This may help some of us trying to “hang on” to Clover with committees breathing down our necks.

  • http://www.thrivecommunity.com Mike

    Hi there, any update on timeline? Haven’t heard much about when we can expect the Clover 3. After all the exciting talk early in the year we are wondering roughly when we can expect this? Thanks for your brilliant work.

  • http://Www.ihavenewlife.com JohnNinja

    WOW CS3. I’ve been with clover for Sometime now and never even thought to see if you guys were updating things. I have been so pumped with the changes to the greenhouse from way back when, that I never even crossed my mind about a CS3. What can I say clover you all surprised me with this keep on keep on.

  • http://www.wolfforthumc.org Rich Jones

    is it releasing soon? please! we’re so ready to update to CS3!

  • Kenyon

    Can we expect an update or a blog post sometime in the next week or two on progress? Really excited to see changes to the sites.

  • http://www.alcwired.com Shaheen

    Ok, you said nothing would happen in 2013. It’s 2014 now…barely…so where’s CS3? :) Ha. But seriously, is there any way way you could give us an update on progress or features or anything at all?

  • Danny

    Very excited for CS3… been following news since I saw it announced. Is there an update coming anytime soon? Maybe even a release date?

  • http://eaglevilleonline.com JoshW

    Hey Clover, it’s been almost 7 months since this post. Do you have any new updates on when Cloversites 3 will be available? Just looking forward to seeing what new tools and features you guys are cooking up for us! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • http://www.loamicc.com Anthony

    I was just wondering if CS3 will be optimized to take advantage of high resolution screens like the retina macbook pros?

  • http://www.gracesealbeach.org Bob W

    Any update on CS3? It’s been about 6 months since the last blog post about this. It still happening? Any timeline?

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hey Anthony, we are definitely keeping retina displays in mind as we design and develop CS 3. Thanks for your question!

  • Cody

    Any update as far as release date goes? Even a broad estimation would be great; within first 3 months of 2014 or within first 6 months? Something would be very helpful. Thank you!

  • Grant

    Any news on when CS3 is going to be up and running? I’m getting impatient.

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Kenyon – we just posted a blog with a quick update on CS3! Check it out:

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hey Shaheen, thanks for your patience :) There’s a new post up today with a quick update on CS3! Check it out:

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Danny – no official release date quite yet, but there is a new update we just posted:

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hey Josh, there’s a new post up today with some more info on CS3 progress:

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hey Bob – thanks for checking in. There’s a new post up today that gives a quick update on Clover Sites 3. Check it out:

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Cody – new blog post is just up today with a quick update on CS3. Check it out!

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Grant – We know it’s really hard to wait, but we do have a quick update on Clover Sites 3 posted just this morning:

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Rick – we just posted a blog with a quick update on CS3! Check it out: http://www.speakingofclover.com/2014/01/happy-2014/

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hi Mike! There’s a quick update on CS3 posted today! Check it out: http://www.speakingofclover.com/2014/01/happy-2014/

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Dave – totally understand your situation and if you need to go with another solution in the meantime, no hard feelings! Do whatever is best for your organization. As far as a side by side feature comparison, it’s something we’d like to have available at some point down the road. Thanks for your patience.

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Brice – no exact timeline yet, but we do have a quick update now on our blog. Check it out! http://www.speakingofclover.com/2014/01/happy-2014/

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hi Tonia! Sorry this reply is so delayed, but these are great points you have. In case you haven’t seen it yet, we do have a quick update about CS3 posted to the blog today:

    As far as your list of things:
    1. Hidden pages is something we’re planning to build for CS3 – definitely a great feature for those seasonal / event pages.
    2. While we still believe you should keep your main navigation as simple as possible, you will have the ability to create “unlimited” main pages!
    3. This one isn’t something we currently have in the works, but additional forms features may be a part of a future (post-launch) update to CS3.
    4. You will be able to have multiple (dare we say, unlimited?) users/members who can edit your website so everyone can have their own account access (including their own password!)
    5. We don’t currently have plans for this, but it’s something we’ve thought about for sure!

    Thanks again,

  • http://www.3X-Marketing.com Jennifer

    I was told by customer service today that they “hope to release Clover 3 later this year (2014).” I’m not sure we can wait that long which is a bummer since I think the end product is going to be great. The other concerning item is the word “hope”. Based on this, I’m not sure the release will even happen in 2014…. Please, please figure out speed to market with your product and commit to a release date. Thanks!!

  • http://beyondchurch.org Jessica Fletcher

    Any update on this yet? Getting excited!!

  • Emmett Berry

    Last update in January? Is there any hope of a release being soon?

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    @Jessica – stay tuned! We’ll have a first update out this week with much more to come.

  • http://www.cloversites.com Eric

    Hey Emmett, we’ll have a lot more regular info and updates on the blog starting this week as we move towards a release later this year. Hope that helps! Stay tuned…

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