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Clover Sites 3: Responsive Sites

Hey everyone –

I wanted to take a minute to talk about one of the new features that will be in Clover Sites 3. It’s something we’ve been excited about doing for a long time, and we think it’ll be a great new part of the websites we provide.

It’s called “responsive” design. Without going into too much technical detail, what it means is that a website changes its appearance based on the size of your browser.

There are lots of unique things you can do with responsive sites, but the most common feature is to show a different layout or style to mobile phones vs tablets vs desktop computers.

We built our donation forms in Clover Donations to be highly responsive. You can see an example in action here. If you’re on a mobile device, you’ll see a version that’s made to fit your screen. Or if you’re on a desktop computer, grab the corner of the browser and watch how the layout of the form changes as you make the screen narrower.

When it comes to full websites, there are lots of design changes you can make as the screen size changes. Here are some example sites where you can see the concept. Some are simple – like this one and this one. And others can get much more sophisticated.

Hopefully this gives you a taste of one of the new features we’ll be offering. As always, we try to take care of all the technical aspects of things like this, so you don’t have to even think about them! For our more tech-savvy users, we’ll also be offering a feature similar to the preview in the Clover Donations form editor where you can see your site in different devices as you design it.


Darryl Potts said on March 19th, 2013:

Love it! Time frame…(3, 6, 9, months)? Had to ask! Thanks for all your hard work on making this possible!

Mike said on March 19th, 2013:

And it comes out April first, YES!

— oh, maybe that was an April Fool’s Day joke. Never mind.

Evan said on March 19th, 2013:

Great news guys! Really stoked about the upgrades. I’m planning on it being worth the wait!

Jason said on March 20th, 2013:

Do you guys have a rough estimate of when Clover Sites 3 will launch? Will it be longer than 6 months??

Diana said on March 20th, 2013:

Awesome! looking forward to 3!

Eric said on March 20th, 2013:

@Darryl – No timeline yet. Thanks for the kind words!

Eric said on March 20th, 2013:

@Jason – not yet! When it’s ready, you’ll hear all about it – promise.

Eric said on March 20th, 2013:

@Mike – Ha!

Ryan said on March 24th, 2013:

Look forward to the updates! Gonna be awesome! -RP

Sean said on March 26th, 2013:

Can’t wait to see the new features, i got a suggestion as well; have you guys considered doing apps for iphone and android. Maybe create an ediotor like clover that can be used to design and submit apps to the app stores. Maybe you charge a few to use the designer either picking templates or having a limited made from scratch setup. I would love to have an app for our churchand while i am leaving suggestions how about the ability to live stream from our sites without 3rd party sites, maybe even for those that are interested their yearly support would go up a $100 or so to cover bandwidth and so forth. So something for you to think about. We love our site we use it for everything.It has helped our ministry greatly.

Eric said on March 26th, 2013:

Hey Sean, we’ve definitely been thinking of ways to bring the clover experience to apps, and the ideas you mentioned are definitely some things we’ve considered. We’re not quite ready to jump into those things just yet, but additional solutions are on our radar for the future. Thanks!

Val said on March 29th, 2013:

Would love to have live stream capabilities. My Pastor is continually asking for it:)

Kyle said on April 2nd, 2013:

So were the example sites which were linked to in the above post created using the Clover Sites 3 CMS? Because if they were, I can hardly wait.

Alison said on April 2nd, 2013:

Looking forward to the update. I am wondering if the update will include:
– a way to file/archive pictures, so we can have them available, but not have to scroll through all of them to find the one we want
– forms integrated on the page, so a new page is not needed
– a way to archive pages for later use


Eric said on April 3rd, 2013:

Hey Val, this is probably not something we are going to do, but we do have a couple recommended 3rd party solutions for this. You can check them out here: http://www.cloversites.com/third-party-resources/

Eric said on April 3rd, 2013:

@Kyle – the example sites we gave were not created with Clover Sites 3, those were shown as examples of what is possible when using a Responsive Design approach which will be a part of Clover Sites 3. Hope that helps!

Eric said on April 3rd, 2013:

Hey Alison – great questions!

1. There will be some updates to the way we handle images to make them easier to manage.
2. Forms will be integrated into pages!
3. You’ll be able to have “hidden” pages that don’t show up in the site navigation, and there will also be an easy way to archive pages so you can restore and use them later!

Thanks for the questions!

Alicia said on April 4th, 2013:

Would we still be limited to 80 pages on our site?

Eric said on April 8th, 2013:

@Alicia – You’ll be able to have more than 80 pages

Michael said on April 12th, 2013:

Hey – can’t wait for Clover Sites 3 to roll out. We are holding on to Clover anticipating the upgrades. Will we be able to add text over stock photos, etc. within the greenhouse with the new features? This would be a huge bonus so we don’t have to create all of our content in third party photo editors.

Eric said on April 15th, 2013:

@Michael – Not sure if we’ll be including that functionality as a part of Clover Sites 3, but thanks for giving us some feedback. We’re always considering what will be best for our customers so it’s great to hear what you’re thinking. Thanks!

Alden said on April 15th, 2013:

Hey! That’s great that there will be different options for mobile devices. My question would be is will there be an option for whats shown on a mobile device to mirror whats seen on a computer?

Ryan said on April 15th, 2013:

Can’t wait for this to be up and running! Will user accounts be created? I would LOVE to get a few additional volunteers with permissions put on the site. Life would be great!

Eric said on April 18th, 2013:

@Alden – the content will be responsive, which means what is shown on the desktop will be displayed in a way optimized for each device. So ideally, you won’t need to pick and choose what will display, as everything will be formatted automatically for the device it’s displayed on.

Eric said on April 18th, 2013:

@Ryan – Thanks! As far as user accounts go, we are planning to allow multiple users per site. Hope that helps!

Logan said on April 22nd, 2013:

Very excited about Clover 3! One feature I would like to see is the ability to upload multiple audio files to the media player. Rather than to upload one then wait, then upload another, then wait again. This is tedious when uploading multiple files. Thanks!

Eric said on April 22nd, 2013:

Hey Logan, you can actually upload multiple files to the media player at one time. You do need to start them individually, but once they begin uploading, you can edit the titles, speaker, etc. while they finish uploading. Hope that helps!

LynnAiken said on April 26th, 2013:

researching to potential move from WordPress to Clover, hopefully this summer. Clover 3 launch time frame?

wade said on April 27th, 2013:

I know you guys are working hard on C3…..but……the waiting is KILLING ME! :) Just in case you were waiting on me…..I’M READY! haha! keep up the great work


Eric said on May 1st, 2013:

@Lynn – No time frame yet, but we appreciate everyone’s eagerness! We truly can’t wait to get this out to everyone.

Ebbie said on May 5th, 2013:

Please, please bring Clover 3 out soon. We need to make a “should I stay or should I go” decision soon. We want to stay…but we need this new version soon. Thank you for your efforts and for pressing forward as quickly as possible.

Jon said on May 6th, 2013:

@Sean – apps would be great b/c clover is by far the easiest editor i’ve used. in the mean time you might want to check this out http://www.churchapps.biz

Allison said on May 8th, 2013:

Not sure if you have answered this yet, but will there be a new calendar layout? We are finding the “dot calendar” very difficult to use and not very easy to view.

Kelly said on May 9th, 2013:

is this an added cost or an automatic upgrade and when it takes place will it be obvious on the dashboard or will there be an announcement and tutorials and such. Thanks

Eric said on May 10th, 2013:

@Ebbie – we’re doing our best! Thanks for your patience.

Eric said on May 10th, 2013:

@Kelly – this will be a voluntary upgrade, and you will definitely know about it! The news will be all over the place – including in your dashboard :)

Andy said on May 15th, 2013:

Tip: I wouldn’t announce a new feature unless you are close to delivering. It lets your customers down if they get a spectacular announcement and then have to wait a LONG time before it’s available. Is this coming soon?

Eric said on May 21st, 2013:

Hi Andy, we definitely understand how you’re feeling, and appreciate your comment. We realize our approach is process that requires a lot of patience, and did our best to communicate this in our original Clover Sites 3 post here. We still do not have a specific timeframe we can release at this point, but if you have any further questions or need help finding another solution in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to help any way possible. Thanks!

Eric said on May 21st, 2013:

@Allison – we are looking at various strategies for the Calendar and how we can make it even better as we work on Clover Sites 3. Hope that helps!

Philip said on May 22nd, 2013:

We understand how long something like this takes! Your products are amazing…looking forward to what you deliver! But another “blog update” would make us feel better! :)

Eric said on May 22nd, 2013:

@Philip – Thanks! We’re planning to post another update soon. Stay tuned…

nathan said on May 29th, 2013:

@Eric – Define soon ;-)

Eric said on May 31st, 2013:

@Nathan – haha! Targeting next week. Stay tuned…

josh said on June 4th, 2013:

@Eric – I’m in. Put me on the ‘We want it first” list!

Adam said on June 5th, 2013:

“Targeting next week.” Very excited!! I have sparkling cider ready for your new launch.

Teri said on June 12th, 2013:

Can’t wait for the HTML version… my pastoral admin is getting antsy! :D

Jerry said on June 12th, 2013:

“Soon” ?

James said on June 14th, 2013:

Update? Bueller… Bueller?

Nathan said on June 14th, 2013:

@Eric – Define next week. Still tuned, but the sending signal seems weak ;-)

Eric said on June 19th, 2013:

@Jerry – check out our latest blog post. Thanks!

Eric said on June 19th, 2013:

@James – Classic ;) Check out our latest blog post for some updates.

Eric said on June 19th, 2013:

@Nathan – We just wrote a blog post about this. Check it out!

C said on April 18th, 2014:

Wow…. been waiting for about 2 years on Clover3. I’m kinda over it now. Not expecting it to be released this year. :(

Eric said on April 24th, 2014:

@C – We understand it’s been a while and are pushing hard to get it out to you this year. We have a new post on here with an update today, and the founders are going to be answering questions about timeline and more next week!