Clover Donations’ Simple Application Process

We mentioned in our September update that we were going to be simplifying the application process for Clover Donations. Well, we’re excited to let you know that we have done just that! For those who have already completed the long application, no need to read on – just promise you won’t get mad that you had to take a few more steps than all our new applicants!

From the moment we started creating Clover Donations, we’ve been committed to making the process of getting your merchant account as easy as possible. As many of you may know, applying for a merchant account is a lot like applying for a credit card, and merchant processors always require a lot of info before they issue an account. That’s why our merchant partner’s original application was so robust.

But now, because all of you have been so trustworthy, and because of our great relationship with BluePay, we’ve been able to work with them over the last month to streamline the entire merchant account application process – making signing up even faster and easier. Now you can just fill out the simplified merchant application form online, and you’ll automatically be notified once you’re approved and ready to accept donations.

 If you have any questions regarding this new application process and what it might mean for you, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at

  • jack

    nice info

  • Ben Poole

    We have the old paperwork filled out. Would it be easier to do it the new way or snail mail the documents to you?

  • Eric

    Hi Ben, great question!

    If you already have the paperwork filled out, go ahead and fax it in, scan and email it to us, or snail mail the documents – whatever’s easiest for you! Once those are in, you’ll be notified as soon as your new merchant account is approved. Thanks!

  • Luis

    Where can we find pricing etc…is there a way to take users we already have via other merchants service and integrate?

  • Doug Fordham

    Can you process Canadian donations yet?

  • malcolm

    Are you accepting australian users as yet. If not what timeframe do you see it happening in.

  • Ben

    We are currently using MinistryGive and… Will this save us money?

  • patti LaRose

    Just wondering if your donations work for organizations in Canada?

  • Jeremy McCaslin

    Clover is a great company.

  • Eric

    Sorry, but donations as of now are not available to organizations in Canada. It’s something we may look at again in the future, but for this season it’s just not something we can do. You can read a little more about this on our September Update blog post.

  • Eric

    Hi Ben,

    Give us a call (805) 527-8900 or send us an email to so we can talk a little more about your current situation and how it compares to what we offer. Thanks!

  • Mary

    You’re awesome Jeremy! Thanks.

  • Mary

    Hey Malcolm. Not yet, but we will keep you posted if and when we start working on this!

  • Mary

    Hey Luis,

    Check out for more details and answers! And feel free to give us a call for integrating your current donors to a new system. Happy to help out!

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