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Clover Customers Are Not Affected by the Heartbleed Bug

If you’ve caught the news lately, you’ve probably heard someone talking about a security issue that affected almost two-thirds of the internet, now being called the Heartbleed bug*. In the tech world, it’s been a crazy couple of days now as companies scramble to alert their users about the security hole and urge them to change and update their passwords.

But here’s the good news for our customers. Your accounts are all safe with us!

Although terrible, this particular and insanely widespread issue luckily didn’t impact our systems, and your Clover account is secure. After checking into every detail to make sure everything was more than alright, we’re very happy to let you know that the security of your information with Clover was not affected by this bug.

Simply as a safety precaution, you’re welcome to reset your Clover Sites and/or Clover Donations passwords. We especially advise this for those of you who may use the same password for multiple accounts, including non-Clover products.

*What is the Heartbleed bug?
The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability in OpenSSL that allows an attack to read the memory of the web server, including user’s personal information. For more information on the Heartbleed bug, please check out the following resources:


NOTE: Because this bug is so widespread and has potentially affected many accounts all over the web, we’re taking some extra precautions. Although no Clover servers have the vulnerability, as part of our comprehensive response to this issue, we’re changing our passwords and the security keys across all of the services we use, (even for things like internal communications) just to be extra safe.

Happy 2014!

Hello again, we hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years! Now that 2014 is here, we thought it would be great to post another little update about what we’ve been doing.

Clover Sites 3
To kick things off, we’ve been making tons of progress on Clover Sites 3. As of last week, we’ve finished laying the foundation for the rest of Clover Sites 3 – and all of the core functionality is in place in the brand new Greenhouse. (In tech speak, we’ve written well over 100,000 lines of code!)

While there’s still lots of work and fine-tuning to be done to make everything look and feel amazing, we’re now able to create a new Clover website from scratch and edit all content in the new Greenhouse – which is a pretty huge milestone for this new product. There are so many technical pieces and creative problem-solving that have gone into building this, so it’s really fun for us to see all the parts starting to work together.

Now we’re making more site designs, working on the new dashboard and new media player (which you get a peek at in this post), and continuing to build and style all the remaining pieces that will make Clover Sites 3 great for you.

Our Team
To help us push forward even faster, we hired two new developers last year and are continuing to expand our product development team. Nick and Greg joined us as Web Developers a few months ago and we couldn’t be happier to have them both here at Clover helping us create beautiful things for you. We were able to coax Nick away from his role in the bay area back to his hometown here in Newbury Park, and as a result, we found Greg almost literally down the street from our offices! They are both amazing at what they do and have been an incredible force in moving us forward, throwing their full weight behind Clover Sites 3 with the rest of the team.

There are also at least two more design and development positions available that we’re actively looking to fill. Particularly, we’re looking for a Front-End Developer and Front-End Designer. So if you’re one of those or know of one and would like to be a part of creating Clover Sites 3 and other meaningful products, please email a resume and cover letter to jobs@cloversites.com

Timeline Update
As always, we would love to be able to give a specific date for when we’re going to launch all of this goodness. The problem is we’ve learned the hard way that even the most detailed internal development schedules have a tendency to be a little misleading when it comes to the extremely detailed work and problem-solving that goes into building such a large product – not to mention the effort that comes even towards the end as we make sure everything looks and feels exactly right for our customers.

With that said, the best estimate we can give you is that we’ll be launching Clover Sites 3 later this year. We’ll try our absolute hardest to give a more detailed estimate as we get closer.

We know it’s been a while since you’ve seen anything new we’re working on, so here’s some more shots of Clover Sites 3!

Here’s a quick look at the structure of the new media player:

Media Player
Our new Dashboard:
The Greenhouse side of our photo gallery section (which will be a great place to have rotating advertisements/photos):
And Step 2 of the process of adding a page to your site:
Add a Page - Step 2
Update 2/18/2014: We’ve hired a Communications Manager who will be starting in March!
P.S. If you’re great at writing, speaking, social media, email campaigns, and overall have a knack for creating great content and on-brand communications, we’d also love to talk to you about joining our team to help us blog more (among other things) with the goal of keeping our customers more informed and engaged. Email jobs@cloversites.com with your resume and samples of your best work.

New Social Icons

Well, it’s what you’ve been waiting for all year long. Ok, maybe not exactly, but we have heard a few requests for new social icons, and thought we’d give you all a little early Christmas gift. So without further ado, here’s a list of the new ones that are ready and waiting for you to use:

1. New Twitter Logo
2. Instagram
3. Pinterest
4. Yelp
5. OpenTable
6. SoundCloud

And for those of you who like pictures, here’s how they look!social-icons-alliance

Clover Sites December Promotion!

$100 off any Clover website for the month of December!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (at least that’s what they say). And we’re inclined to believe them. Because among other things, for the entire month of December, you can get $100 off a brand new website from Clover. Here’s how it works:

Just use this special link to visit cloversites.com and you’ll automatically be eligible for the discount. You can demo everything for free, and once you’re ready to purchase, you’ll get $100 off! It’s really that easy.

Speaking of friends, if you’re a Clover Friend, anyone who uses your unique referral link to purchase a website this month gets $100 off! And of course, you’ll still get your $100 reward for each site you sell through your link. So go ahead and start sharing the good news. If you’re not a Clover Friend yet and would like to start earning $100 for every purchase you refer not just this month, but every month, go sign up right now and start sharing your unique URL so you get the credit (and those referral checks)!

As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email.

Clover Sites: Password Protected Pages on Mobile

Hey everybody,

Before things get too crazy with the holidays, we wanted to release an additional update to current Clover Sites.

Just about a month ago we launched great enhancements to forms on mobile. And today, we’re pleased to announce that all your password protected pages are now fully mobile as well. Whether you have a whole site, main page, or sub-page password protected, whoever has access to the passwords now has access to the content wherever they are, from any device.

As usual, these upgrades are completely seamless and completely free. All your current password protected pages are immediately available everywhere, and any password protected pages you make in the future will automatically work perfectly on any device without any extra effort on your part.

Organizations Have Raised $50 Million Through Clover Donations!

Congrats header

Today, we want to celebrate with all of our Clover Donations customers. Since we launched, you’ve accepted over $50 million in donations! And all in less than a year and a half. It’s seriously incredible.

And because everyone loves stats, here some more:

Time Stats

We’re beyond excited to have played a part in helping so many of you – churches, ministries, and non-profits – accept donations online. And the best part for us is getting to see the impact you’re having across the nation and around the world. It’s crazy to think that over $100 per minute is being given to fund and further the critical work and ministry of thousands of organizations, who in turn effect the lives of countless tens of thousands of other people. And that number is just continuing to grow.

We also wanted to remind you that online donations plays a huge role in end of the year giving because it’s much easier for people to give – even up to the last minute on December 31st from wherever they are. In fact, on average, end of the year online giving makes up about 30% of the total annual giving, and about 10% of the donations organizations receive annually come in on the last 2 days of the year!  So if your church, ministry, or non-profit isn’t using Clover Donations yet, there’s literally never been a better time.

If you have any questions or need help getting started with Clover Donations, we’d love to help. Send us an email or give us a call. support@cloverdonations.com or (805) 527-8900

Clover Sites: Forms on mobile

Hey everyone,

As we mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been hard at work on many things here at Clover. And not just Clover Sites 3, which is of course, our main focus.

We’ve also been working on some updates to the current version of Clover Sites, and today, we’re particularly excited to announce mobile forms for all Clover Sites customers! Many of you have been asking about this, and we’re stoked to finally bring it to you. Now all those awesome forms you create will work perfectly across iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices and tablets.


As always, we’re bringing this update to you for free. And as usual, this upgrade is completely seamless – you don’t have to do a thing to take advantage of the upgraded forms. As of today, all your current forms have been upgraded to look and work great everywhere, and any forms you make in the future will automatically work seamlessly on any device without any extra effort on your part. And of course, all your customization for colors, settings, field options, and even form reporting all just work as well.

We hope you enjoy this update!

Clover Friends: Summer Promotion Winners!

Hey everybody! First off, we wanted to say a huge thanks to all of our amazing Clover Friends. Whether you’ve been with us for a while, or you just joined during the promotion, we’re so happy you participated and hope you had fun! It’s awesome to have such a big group of dedicated friends (almost 3500 of you!) who really love Clover and are excited to tell others about it. Everyone really was a winner with this particular promotion, with the chance to earn $150 referral bonuses for each site you sold, and the opportunity for those who purchased a site through your link to get $50 off.

Additionally, for each site you sold, you got an entry to win some really great prizes!


We drew names yesterday here at the office from the list of those who qualified! Up for grabs? Three brand new, 32GB, absolutely beautiful white iPad Minis, each paired with a $100 iTunes Gift Card so you can start loading it up right away with new music, movies, games, books, and apps you like as soon as it’s in your hands. We also drew a few extra names from the pot as an added bonus, and they each won a $25 iTunes Gift Card!

So, without further ado, here are the winners!

iPad Mini + $100 iTunes GC Winners

1. Elliot R.
2. Ken M.
3. Seth P.

$25 iTunes GC Bonus Prize Winners

1. Janice C.
2. Nolan D.
3. Ann C.
4. Steve T.

If you’re a winner, we’ll be letting you know, and shipping out your prizes next week. For those of you who sold sites, you’ll be getting your July bonus checks in the mail next week as well. Thanks again, and don’t forget, for every site you sell any day of the year, you still earn $100 – so keep up the good work!


New Green Thumb: SoAcres

SoAcres is a passionate group of people who are heartbroken that each weekend in their city, over 150,000 people aren’t connected to a church. Their goal is to change that, and see the people of Lexington reached.

As a first step, they’ve made sure that their front door – their website – is not just informative, but visually and organizationally attractive. The site is absolutely beautiful with a modern, clean look and a design-conciousness that’s carried throughout each page and element of the site. Nothing’s been overlooked and much of their website is geared towards new visitors so they can quickly see where to go and what to expect, right off the bat. They’ve further catered their website experience to first and second-time visitors by created customized form pages that allow those new to the church to give the church leaders some feedback on the experiences they had.

But not only that, they’ve also included a wealth of additional resources about the church and their beliefs for the benefit of their members and visitors under a main heading titled “mySoAcres”. They have information about their vision and values, foundational beliefs, and even information regarding weddings, and thorough, Biblical answers to “Hot Topics” discussed and debated in today’s culture that many may be curious about.

Overall, they’ve really done a fantastic job with their site and we couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve created. Be sure to click through and check out their site so you can see it all for yourself!

Lexington, KY Site Design: Cedar Park
Green Thumb SoAcres Screenshot

What We’re Creating & Where We’re Headed

We know everyone’s been anxious to hear what’s happening with Clover Sites 3, so we wanted to take a moment to step back and give you all an update on where we’re at, and most importantly, where we’re going.

First of all, where we are now.

We’re currently neck deep in code, to put it mildly, building the structural elements that hold everything together. We told you Clover Sites 3 was going to be a complete overhaul, and we weren’t kidding. All the behind the scenes planning, architecture, resources, and logic that makes Clover Sites such an amazing product to use is all being pushed forward, constructed, tested, and evaluated piece by piece.


While we’re still a ways out from launch, we’re really excited about our progress so far. We’ve locked in countless elements of the design and user experience already, and now that development is well underway, we couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. Throughout the planning and preparation for Clover Sites 3, we’ve been very strategic with the way we’ve approached this. We didn’t want to do a 1-1 translation of Clover Sites from the current structure of flash and html, and convert or somehow port that existing code to another technology or codebase just to get it out faster.

Instead, we’ve continued to re-imagine the way Clover Sites will be created and experienced. We’re examining everything we build from the very foundational layers we’ve constructed all the way through every individual piece of design and line of code. This includes all of the beautiful, intuitive elements and simple, powerful interactions that are such a huge part of the Clover experience on the front-end of your website – and just as importantly – in the Greenhouse.

We’re creating even more powerful tools and a much more robust platform we can build on quickly (yes, quickly!) after our initial launch, allowing us to continue adding new features, applications, and resources for you in ways that are smarter, more creative, and more helpful than ever before. The best part about all of this is that we’ve been able to keep intact and even improve upon the most important element – the incredibly easy experience you’ve come to know and love. What this means is that Clover Sites 3 will feel absolutely familiar, yet at the same time, be something completely new to enjoy.

Bloom 1

We truly believe the new version of Clover Sites will help you grow your web presence in so many ways you may not even have thought of yet, helping you not just expand the native capabilities of what your website offers, but also providing easier integration with other tools and services. It’s an exciting new approach we’re taking with all of this, and it’s already shown a tremendous amount of value internally. We are building faster and smarter, and have the freedom to be more creative in our solutions, which ultimately means an even better product for you.

Now, a little bit about where we’re headed.

It’s no secret that these things take time. It’s also no secret that we don’t really believe in releasing timelines. We’d rather focus our efforts and energy on creating the best possible product and release it just as soon as it’s ready. That being said, we know it’s been a while since our last post and we also know some of you are holding on hope that there is an imminent release in the works.

So, in light of that, we wanted to be very clear so you know what to expect from Clover as we continue moving forward, especially for those of you who truly need to know the release date so you can make an informed decision about your web presence.

At this time, we can say with confidence that the first version of Clover Sites 3 won’t be released in 2013. We realize that may not be what some of you wanted to hear, but hopefully this knowledge helps those of you who have expressed a need to better plan for your churches, businesses, and organizations. And as always, between now and the release, we’ll continue to do our very best to give you updates on our status with Clover Sites 3, as well as answer any questions we can along the way.

Text Editor

Finally, while we are putting a ton of effort into Clover Sites 3, we do have quite a few other projects planned for the future as well. Ever since midway through development on Clover Donations, we’ve been working on multiple projects at once, and we can’t wait to show you more of what we’ve been working on in the near future.

We’re also continuing to actively maintain the current version of Clover Sites and we have some updates planned for the current mobile version this year as well. In addition, we’re refreshing some other things around here, including great new help resources that will allow us to provide even more amazing support from our customer service team across all our products and services.

We’re incredibly excited about what we’re creating for you and where we’re going. As always, thanks for being the best part of Clover and for coming along for the ride.

Eric Hoekendorf
Director of Product & Operations