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20 Questions with Customer Relations

If you’ve been around Clover for any length of time, you might know that we’re incredibly proud of the support our Customer Relations team offers. In fact, when customers call in for the first time, they’re often surprised to be answered by a real human who’s ready to help, instead of an automated answering machine asking them to press a few numbers on their phone.

We wanted to take a few minutes to share some answers to some of the questions we’re asked most frequently. If you have other questions that didn’t make the list, or just want to chat about the perfect Southern California weather, give us a call or shoot us an email. (805) 527-8900 or support@cloversites.com

Questions about Clover Sites

How do I save my form submissions to a spreadsheet?
You can do this by going into your form and clicking ‘Form Page Settings’.  You will see the section to activate and download the report from there!  Additionally, we have a blog post about this exact thing if you’d like to learn a bit more about it. Check it out here.

How do I sort by date in my media player?
You’ll want to have a Date column with the date written numerically; for instance: 10/21/2014. Then in the Media Player Settings, you can choose to sort by that column. You can see how this works here

How do I move the ‘Launch’ button on a page?
For different types of pages (Media, Form, Calendar, Giving, Photo), the ‘Launch’ button for that feature is automatically added below all of your text. You can move the button anywhere on the page by typing (button) anywhere in the text.

How much storage do I have?
Each customer is able to use up to 100GB of storage for their website – which is more than most people actually need. But if you need a little more space, that’s ok too. (we currently don’t charge if you happen to exceed this amount).

How do I update my billing info?
From your Greenhouse Dashboard, click on ‘Your Account’ then ‘Billing’ to access your Billing Center. Under ‘Billing Information’ you can update the credit card information as well as the Billing Contact information.

How do I add Facebook, Twitter and social link buttons?
You can add the Social Links Feature to your website if you’d like by going to your Dashboard, clicking ‘Site Settings’ and then selecting ‘Social Links’.  You can add new social media icons to your site, choosing what icon you want to use, the order you want them to show up in, and the text you’d like displayed on rollover, to really customize this to fit your needs. Take a look at our past blog post on this.

How do I switch site designs?
When you want to refresh the look and feel of your site, just let us know! The cost of a site switch is $200 and this covers transferring all of your content, including your media and calendar files to the new site design. If you like, you can check out some great, live sites in our Green Thumbs Collection for some inspiration.

Questions about Clover Donations

How do I add a fund to my Donation Form?
Once you have created your funds, you can let your donors choose between Funds to give to. To add this, you’ll want to click on ‘Edit This Form’ and then click on the main body of the Form. From here you will see a new window appear with several tabs along the top. You’ll want to choose the tab ‘Fund Options’ and then select ‘Allow Donor to Choose’. Now you’re able to see of the Funds that you have created and you can check the box for the Funds you want this Form to include.

Does a donor need an account to give?
Your donors have the option to create an account when donating through any of the forms you’ve created, but they aren’t required to set up an account to give, which is a great option for one-time donors. However, by creating an account, your donors get access to manage everything – including their giving history, recurring gifts, and even payment and contact information – from anywhere, including beautifully on their mobile device.

How do I update my banking info for donations?
For security and verification, you’ll need the main contact for your Donations account to send Clover a copy of a voided check for the new bank account.  You can send it to: support@cloverdonations.com

How long does it take for a donation to deposit into our bank account?
If it’s a credit or debit card transaction, currently it’ll take around 2-3 business days to show up in your bank account. A bank account transfer (otherwise known as an ACH transaction) will take around 6-7 business days.

How do I share my Donation Form with my congregation?
Click on ‘Share this Form’ under your ‘Donation Forms’ tab. From there you can share the link through email, Facebook, Twitter, a link on your website, embeddable buttons, a QR code on print or digital materials, or even the form itself embedded on a website. Also, we recommend making sure that your branding looks consistent across your form and site. Check out this post for more details. 

My donors want to update their billing information. How do I do that?
If your donors created an account when they gave, they can actually login to their account from any of your donation forms, and update it themselves! If they still need to create an account, the next time they give, they can enter their new billing information, but use the same name and email address as their previous donations, and the Donation Center will automatically link their new account with their past donations. And of course, if they just need it quickly updated, you can manually do it for them in the Donation Center.

Questions about Echo Prayer

How can I login to my account through the new Echo Prayer app?
The Echo Prayer app is actually different from the web version you might have used previously. If you’d like to begin using the app, you’ll want to download the app from the App Store or Google Play, then create a new account by swiping the screen to the left until you see the ‘Sign Up’ button. For now, the web and mobile app accounts are separate and don’t sync, but we’re planning to make that work with a new web version in the future.

How can I categorize my prayers?
You can actually categorize your prayers using tags.  When adding a prayer, you can type # followed by the name of the category (like #wife, #family, or #work). Once you’ve created these tags, you can pray through the prayers in that tag by starting the “Pray Now” mode and simply choosing the category. You can also use tags to set a general reminder! If you setup a reminder for a tag, Echo will choose a prayer at random from that tag to remind you at the date and time you selected.

Curious about a certain feature being added to Echo Prayer?
Take a peek at what we have planned for the future!

Questions about our team

Where are you located?
In sunny Southern California (Newbury Park, specifically). We’re minutes away from great places to hike and bike and of course– surf. You should check out our office space; it’s pretty great.

How’s the weather in California?
Weather? What’s that? Is that what happens when you put on a long sleeve shirt? We can easily wear sandals 364 days of the year. We’ve been known to complain about extreme temperatures.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure food? (This isn’t asked too often – We just feel you should know.)
Luke: Cheese filled gummy bears

Jen: Banana pudding or creme brulee, or just about anything sweet will do. …But I don’t feel guilty afterwards.

Megan: Tamale pie, fudgesicles, Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese, fudgy brownie cookies, baja fish tacos …. I can’t decide. Oh wait, donuts.

Sarah: Chicken Tikka Masala. (with Garlic Naan of course!)

Scott: Gourmet cheesy, garlic potatoes with bacon. The kind that is usually followed by a food coma.

What’s an average day at Clover like?
We have a pretty incredible team so besides building relationships with our customers, answering questions and working on new things, naturally our days are infused with great conversations, ridiculous jokes, Spikeball, and of course some In-N-Out or tacos!

It sounds like you guys are always having fun…
We are! How could you not have fun in a place like this? If you’re ever in the area you should swing by. Really. We’d love to say hi.

Online Giving & Clover Donations

As we head toward the end of the year, we start to hear a lot about giving. In fact, this season is a time when many non-profits receive almost a third of their total donations for the year! So if you’ve been thinking about it, now is a great time to get started.

To help make giving online easier to manage, more affordable, and better for donors, we created Clover Donations a couple years ago – a product that helps churches and ministries accept donations online anytime and anywhere. Since we launched, Clover Donations has continued to grow and so we wanted to quickly highlight how organizations have been using it, and why online giving in general is so helpful for churches and ministries.

Take a look and if you have any questions or thoughts, we’d love to hear from you!

Clover Donations Infographic - Fall 2014

Click here to view the infographic at a larger size

Behind the Scenes (Embed Content w/ CS3)

Hey everyone, we wanted to continue to give you a look at new developments with CS3.

Here’s a quick video we shot of Jeremy and I just now, as we put some more finishing touches on the ability to embed all kinds of content with the new Greenhouse.

In addition to fine-tuning all the embedding options, we’ve also been working a lot on other areas of our new product. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or if there are other features you’d like to see or hear about in our future updates.

Clover Sites 3: September Update

It’s been a couple months since a “where are we at with Clover Sites 3″ blog post, and we’ve been promising another update, so we thought it’d be a good time as we hit September, to give you all a quick report.

Take a look at the video below to get a first look at a couple features of Clover Sites 3 – including section management – as well as an update on our previously estimated timeline.

Extra Security for Your Donation Forms

We’ve just launched a new feature for Clover Donations!

You can now easily turn on CAPTCHAs for all your donation forms, which can help to provide an extra level of security and protection against fraud. This new feature is currently available to every Clover Donations customer, and as with all of our updates, it’s completely free and we’ve rolled it out to everyone who has a Clover Donations account.

CAPTCHA on Donation Forms

To add this to your Donation Forms, simply go to Organization Info under the Account Settings in your Clover Donation Center. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to simply check a box to add this extra bit of security to all of your Donation Forms. In most cases, this extra level of security isn’t necessary, so use it with caution, as it can become an annoyance to your donors who give frequently, but haven’t yet set up recurring donations.

Turn on CAPTCHA for all Donation Forms

If you’re curious, you can learn more about CAPTCHAs here. And as always, if you have any questions about this new feature, don’t hesitate to call us at (805) 527-8900 or email us at support@cloverdonations.com.

Echo is now available for Android

We’re excited to announce that the Echo Prayer app is now available for Android! Thank you to everyone who has been using the app for the past couple weeks in beta – it helped us find and squash a few more last bugs.

In addition to the new Android launch, we also have another milestone to announce: 10,000 users! It’s been awesome to see the momentum around the app and to hear from many of you that it’s been helping you pray.

Now that the app is available for the vast majority of smart phones, it might be a great time to share it with friends if you haven’t already. You can get the app or learn more at www.echoprayer.com or on Echo’s Facebook or Twitter.

Echo is now available for Android

Coming Soon: Echo for Android

If you’ve been following Echo on Facebook or Twitter, you heard about this a few days ago, but we wanted to announce it here as well… Our new Echo Prayer app will be available on Android devices very soon!

Thanks to a great Android developer who contacted us even before the iPhone version was launched, this new version came together much more quickly than we expected.

In just a few more days we’ll release a beta version for anyone who wants early access. Follow Echo on one of our social media accounts to hear about it when it comes out. We’re so excited to have Echo on both platforms so an even wider group of people will be able to benefit from it!

Coming Soon: Echo for Android

Clover Sites 3: Other Updates

Over the last month, we spent some time talking about how we’ve approached section management, text editing, and the media player. Hopefully it’s been helpful for you to go behind the scenes and see how we plan and create our products.

In addition to the things we’ve written posts about, we’ve also been working a lot on other areas of CS3. Here’s just a few highlights:

Photo Editor

  • If you’ve used the current version in Clover Sites, you’re going to love all the improvements we’re making with CS3. The images you add will now “snap” to the image area in the photo editor for easier alignment. We’ve also added keyboard shortcuts to nudge photos around, and of course, have been working on retina support for all images so your content looks beautiful on all screens.


  • This is getting a major overhaul with the new version, and will allow you to add multiple users who can edit your site, along with giving you access to multiple sites with one login! There are more features in the works for the dashboard after the initial launch, like a whole suite of notifications you can get when things happen, and extending the dashboard to include your other Clover products like Clover Donations.

Site Designs

  • Recently we’ve been doing a lot of work on the responsive layouts for phones, tablets, and other devices, and taking care of lots of fine-tuning to make sure your site will look great anywhere your people view it.

Dev Ops

  • We did a ton of work on the back end to optimize everything, increase security, and just make things faster all around. It’s all the stuff behind the scenes, and it gets really technical really fast, but it’s worth mentioning because it makes the whole experience a lot better for you and your people, and makes everything more reliable and speedy.

We’re really excited about these updates and would love to know what you think. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or if there are other features you’d like to hear more about in our next group of updates!

Clover Sites 3: Media Player Improvements

In addition to section management and text editing, there is another major feature in Clover Sites 3 that recently saw a bit of an overhaul: The media player.

In fact, we completely redesigned the entire layout and overall experience, including the way you’ll add new media, and the media player itself.

For reference, here’s a shot of what the CS3 Media Player was originally going to look like:

However, as we starting interacting with the media player a bit in context of the Alpha build we developed, we decided we wanted to make the experience even better and provide a more modern approach to putting your audio and video online. So we did that.

We revisited everything about the media player, and looked more deeply at the way our customers currently use it. We came up with a cleaner, simplified, and more responsive-friendly layout that will greatly improve things both for you as you post media, and for your people as they browse, view, and listen.

The new “add media” process is a huge leap forward, allowing you to focus completely on your content as you add audio or video – putting your message center stage. This new design also allows us to better scale the experience so we can add even more features for you in the future – like having both audio and video versions of a sermon available in one media item. On top of all of that, it also lays a lot of the groundwork for the Calendar and Forms sections which will be coming after our initial launch, unifying that experience so you don’t have to learn another way of doing things once those are ready!

There’s a lot more we could say about this, but it might just better if we show you:

New Media Section







Bottom line? This new look and editing experience makes it even easier for you to share your message and get your content to your people, wherever they are.

Clover Sites 3: Text Editing

Editing text on your website may not seem as exciting as bigger features like section management or the media player (which we’ll talk about next week). But making a great text editor is incredibly important… and harder than it might seem. Here’s a little peek at the process behind how we approached this for Clover Sites 3:

For starters, the experience a text editor offers in a website content management system (CMS) can make or break the entire editing experience. And it’s one of those pieces that website solutions don’t pay that much attention to in most cases. As a result, actually using it to write or edit text ends up being a big headache and in some cases can be the most buggy piece of the product for the customers to use. Whether it’s due to poor craftsmanship or simply trying to force-fit a plug and play, off-the-shelf solution to save a bit of time, either way, it’s the end user – the customer – that suffers for it.

Because of how much the web has progressed over the years, when we first started to design the tool that would handle creating and editing all the text anywhere it appears in Clover Sites 3, we thought we would give an open-source tool a try. With all the work put into some of the tools out there, we were hopeful that we could use something that was already developed. This would save us development time and ideally provide a robust editor.

So, we spent some time researching all the available tools out there. We then selected one we thought would fit great, and began using it as a starting point, and also started customizing it a lot to make it really work with Clover and the Greenhouse editing experience. However, as we got further and further into it, we realized we were customizing it way more than we thought we would have to.

Long story short, after finding something we thought would be great, and working through a lot of code to try to make it fit beautifully within the new Greenhouse, we ended up seeing that it just wasn’t ever going to be the right fit. So, we took a version of our own that we had built from scratch and decided to use that instead and really make something amazing.

The justification was this. Text makes up such a large portion of anyone’s website, and we really want to make that whole experience flawless so the tool itself becomes secondary to your content, and it just simply works. We think we’ve done that with the new text editing experience and we can’t wait for you to try it.

And of course, as with everything there’s a lot more we could say about how this will all work. We could talk about how you’ll have simplified controls automatically when in easy mode, so things are as clean and uncluttered as possible. And how if you toggle to advanced mode you’ll get additional options to really customize everything, down to line height, inline images, and even the HTML source if you’re inclined to tinker ;) And of course you’ll have the ability to change fonts, text size, and colors – even on a word by word basis if you really want (though we’d probably suggest keeping it a bit more simple for those who have to read what you write).

Bottom line? The text editor is one of those things you probably won’t ever think about when using the new Greenhouse, and that’s exactly the way it should be. A powerfully simple editing experience that just works and doesn’t get in your way.